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    Mouse anti-human Adiponectin(ADPN) monoclonal antibody

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  • Type:
    Cardiovascular Disease
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  • Description:
    Adiponectin is secreted into the bloodstream where it accounts for approximately 0.01% of all plasma protein at around 5-10 μg/mL (mg/L). In adults, plasma concentrations are higher in females than males, and are reduced in diabetics compared to non-diabetics. Weight reduction significantly increases circulating concentrations. Adiponectin automatically self-associates into larger structures. Initially, three adiponectin molecules bind together to form a homotrimer. The trimers continue to self-associate and form hexamers or dodecamers. Like the plasma concentration, the relative levels of the higher-order structures are sexually dimorphic, where females have increased proportions of the high-molecular weight forms. Recent studies showed that the high-molecular weight form may be the most biologically active form regarding glucose homeostasis. High-molecular-weight adiponectin was further found to be associated with a lower risk of diabetes with similar magnitude of association as total adiponectin.
  • Antibody Type:
  • Specificity:
    Mouse anti- human Adiponectin
  • Purity:
    >90%,Protein G purified
  • Shape:
  • Storage:
    Shipped at 4°C upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
  • Application:
    ELISA and other possible application